Friday, June 15, 2007

Why should OT's visit and/or work in Egypt?

Well, besides the immense historical and cultural experience, it is a great opportunity to provide a service in a country lacking with resources for individuals with special needs.

It is an opportunity to train local residents, so they can provide services within their own country. It is also an opportunity to provide treatment for individuals, who otherwise would not receive the benefit of OT services.

If it is just a visit you are planning to Egypt, then please contact me ( and plan to meet other OT's in our Egypt network.


Merrolee said...

Hi Laura
Ahh.. found you! I know you left a comment on my blog ( but I hadn't quite had the time to come visit your blog! What a great idea the reflections of yourself and team on your blog. I'm surprised I haven't turned up your blog earlier - the title should show up in searches okay. Use of categories might help as well.

anyway... I just wanted to say Kia ora (hello) from Aotearoa/New Zealand - and if I can help with anything around curriculum development ( I work in one of the two occupational therapy schools in Aotearoa/New Zealand)... or with using Web 2.0 tools with educational programmes - then just let me know.. (email


Laura Efinger, M.A. OT/L said...

Hello Merrolee,

Thanks for your post. As curriculums develop in Egypt, I am sure we will need OT professors and we will keep you posted on future jobs in Cairo.

We have a fellow OT New Zealander here....Pip, who recently moved here.


Anonymous said...

Hello for all colleagues:

congratulation for this nice and benifecial web site. realy there is high demand for OT services in the whole region in the past and still many countries in the region lacking of OT services. such projects hopfully will increase the awarness and promote the need for OT services in the whole regoin.
her in Palestine the Establishment of OT is recent in compersion with other countries. anyhow now we have tow Universities which runing OT courses and also we have OT Association that are working to promote and advance the OT profession in Palestine.

hope you all the best and the succes in this mission but I know such team is a winner team(:

Yahia El ziq
Head of Palestinian OT association.

Dianne Koontz Lowman said...

Hi Laura!
Thanks so much for inviting me to review this blog. I look forward to my visit to Egypt the last week in November. Good luck!
Adjunct Instructor, OT Program
James Madison University,VA,US

Summer said...

Hi Laura,

I came across your blog and I am in desperate need of help. I am an American-Egyptian physician. I arrived 2 weeks ago after hearing of my mother being involved in a traumatic accident and sustaing a severe fracture of her tibia, in the setting of an already deconditioned weak rheumatoid arthritis patient. I am shocked and disappointed at the information I have received regarding OT/PT...this is of utmost importance for my mother as she has already starting developing decubitus ulcers. The nursing care has been abhorrent, in private hospitals. I am looking for an inpatient rehab facility/qualified nursing staff/all the OT services I can get. Any information you can provide would help me tremendously and I am sincerely grateful.

The best way to reach me would be mobile 012-277-4008 or 012-394-0130, as internet access is not daily.

Thanks and look forward to speaking with you.

Summer Abdel-Megeed, M.D.