Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Arabic Occupational Therapists Regional Group Newsletter

The Regional Arabic OT Newsletter is still in need of contributions for their first newsletter in September. The deadline was extended for two more weeks. Inquires can be forwarded to Mustafa Al Qaisi:

Mustafa A. Al Qaisi. OTR (JOR) WFOT Delegat. Clinical
Instructor, Occupational Therapy Dept, Hashemite University,
Tele: 00962 79 6820742 fax 00962 6 4626662. P.O BOX
330222, zarqa 13133 Jordan


Contributions can be from anyone interested in OT development in the region.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CDOT-E Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
Time: 2 pm
Place: Learning Resource Center, Maadi

Anyone interested in supporting OT development in Egypt is welcome to attend the meeting.


The CDOTE held a meeting on July 19th and several issues were discussed and new topics introduced for future follow up.

In summary, two OT students from Australia will be volunteering at Al Gouza Military Hospital for 10 weeks with supervision from Sue & Pip. Welcome to Cairo, Chelsea and Renee!

The British Council Disability Days presentations will be held 2-3 Dec, 2008. Anyone interested in participating should start planning their presentations and the planning committee will meet in September to finalize the event schedule. Updates will be posted as they develop.

OT Overview Course:
Majdi is presenting a 5 day course about OT, for NGO’s working in Paediatrics, in the last week of August. The course will be conducted at the ADVANCE Society's new Training Center, The Exceptional Training Center for Parents, Teachers & Specialists. Interested persons should contact Mr. Mohamed El-Hennawi, Deputy Director at the Exceptional Training Center after August 17th at 27538022 or 0168809234.

Maha informed the group that LRC is seeking a new OT staff member for 2008/2009, preferably with experience in paediatrics.

Round table discussion:
ADVANCE is organizing a round table seminar entitled: "Media & Disability" to create awareness on the role of media in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities, and also to encourage media to use inclusive language when mentioning people with disabilities. Anyone interested in attending and/or who have journalist’s contacts can contact Maha. Date set for October 25th, 2008. Venue to be set.

OT implementer’s course (6 month duration):
Maha was concerned that the course was stopped last year and she sees the need to carry on with this course and to graduate more OT implementers to meet the need.

The next CDOTE meeting will be at 2pm on Saturday, August 23rd, at the LRC.