Friday, January 22, 2010

The ADVANCE Society's Tenth Annual Educational Conference March 2010

I am glad to announce that the ADVANCE Society is having their 10th Annual Educational Conference in Cairo on March 25th-27th, 2010. The Learning Resource Center is organizing the event.

At this time the workshop/lecture schedule is being organized and as soon as the schedule is confirmed I will post the link on the blog for registration and further details.

I will present two workshops at the conference. One will be on handwriting and the other will be on games (specifically card games).

I am especially excited about the games workshop, as I have contacted various games companies and asked them to donate games to be used in the workshop and then donated for a raffle/tombola (all proceeds raised from the raffle will go to the ADVANCE Society).

So far, THINK FUN, and Grab a Pig have committed to donating some toys!

If anyone knows of any toy companies that would like to donate toys, please contact me at

I have also started an AMAZON,, WISH LIST of books that can be donated for raffle at the March Conference. I also placed a visual timer on the list as many teachers and parents have inquired about it and it is great to use when setting limits in games!

I could go on and on with the wish list, but I only have so much luggage space to put the products! (I am in the US at this time and bringing the products in March) However, if someone wants to donate the cost of an extra piece of luggage to bring more products I would be happy to talk about it! (If so, you can email me at the above address...I am open for suggestions :-)

You can find my list at this link:

Books can be purchased and shipped to the following address:

Laura Efinger
19 Fort Worth Place
Monroe, New York 10950

  • There is a link to click on for my address once you go to check out on Amazon
  • You can also go to and click onto WISH LIST in the upper right hand corner, go to "Find someone's wish list", type in my full name and click on my registry!

These books will be raffled off at the conference and all proceeds will go to the ADVANCE Society.

ADVANCE Society contacts:
You can also go to the ADVANCE Society website and contact them directly regarding making a donation!

A BIG THANKS, in advance, to all who participate!


OT Job Vacancy in Cairo

Job opening:

The ADVANCE: The Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs has a vacancy for a full time Occupational Therapist. Applicant should be English and/or Arabic speaking with experience in pediatrics. Experience working with children who have Autism is a plus!


Please contact Maha Helali at for job description and further details.

***If applying, please send cover letter and CV to Maha's email


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Excellent products by Think Fun

Hi there,

I have always used Think Fun products in my therapy sessions and children have always loved them! Two years ago, the company was good enough to donate one of their Game Club sets, which I used during that years educational conference.

All participants in my games workshop loved the games, as much and maybe more then the children!

I was recently shopping on Amazon and came across a HUGE BARGAIN on these Game Club sets!

ThinkFun Mind Challenging Junior Game Club
Check out the Junior Game Club for $56.24 on sale from $224.99:

This is a fabulous price, as the set includes 24 Think Fun games for children aged 5-7. Designed for kindergarten through second graders. Usually, each game is priced between $15-20!

ThinkFun Mind Challenging Game Club - Set 2
Check out the Game Club Set 2 for $109.62 on sale from $359.99:

ThinkFun Classroom Resource Kit 1
Check out the Classroom resource Kit for $131.99 on sale from $219.99:

These products are great for the classroom and individual and group therapy sessions.

I hope some people can benefit from this post!