Monday, July 9, 2007

Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation

A nice video representation, filmed by an OT in the US, of OT's role in rehabilitation of adults with physical disabilities.

Friday, July 6, 2007

How do you access OT related information on the internet?

I recently came across a new site that is a collection of people's favorites and can be accessed from any computer.

Web address:

It is an excellent way to store your favorite's and access them on any computer through the web. It is also an excellent way to find Occupational Therapy related links that other people have gathered. You can develop a network of other people's links.

My favorite OT links can be located at: or go to and search "Occupational Therapy" to see what others have saved as their favorite OT links.

Once you have registered, save this blog on your links:
so you can read updates on our Egypt OT project.

It is very easy to set up on your computer. It also saves all the links instead of cluttering up the blog with endless lists of links.

Good luck,


Thursday, July 5, 2007

One Month Anniversary....

Hello all,

Well, I have had this blog for one month and I just wanted to update people on the responses I have been receiving from OT's all over the world.

So, to give the history of this blog...

One month ago, I started this blog and posted general information about OT. The main purpose of the blog was to develop more awareness of the need for international OT's to visit and/or work in Egypt to assist in the development of OT, educate people within the region as to what the role of OT was with various populations of need, share information regarding OT services available within Egypt and to provide a network for OT's within Egypt. I then emailed a general introduction letter of this Occupational Therapy in Egypt Blog to approximately 1,000 OT's worldwide.

I emailed... to every American, Canadian, UK, Australian and New Zealand OT University program department and/or OT faculty. As English is my primary (and only!) language, this was the obvious path for me to take.

I emailed... to every OT delegate from all countries that have a delegate for the WFOT.

I emailed... all the contacts I had for the OT's, PT's, doctors and educators that I had met at the First Regional OT Conference in the M.E. this past April in Cairo.

I emailed... any OT student organization that I could get an email for! That, I must say, was difficult as most student organizations posted on the universities website do not have their own separate email.

Now that I initiated emailing OT's, I am now focusing on worldwide, regional and local organizations that may benefit from either contributing or receiving OT services within Egypt, but that is an area I am still working on....

So, if anyone knows of any individuals or organizations who would be interested in learning more about OT in Egypt, please forward them this blog site.

So, it is a work in progress, but has generally been enjoyable this past month. Many people have emailed me privately about thier interest in knowing more about OT in Egypt, offering consultation services, as well as, wanting to be involved in future conferences and university curriculum's.

I have received personal emails from OT's in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, US, Australia, and New Zealand. All of which show support for OT development in Egypt.

Some quotes:

  • "I am definitely interested in introducing Occupational Therapy to Egypt. I fell in love with the country in December 2005 and have been back 7 times since mainly for diving activities." ~~~~ Fiona

  • "Thanks for the update…I wish you the best of luck with this endeavor and look forward to following your progress. " ~~~~Ellen

  • "I have always had an interest in the middle east, so it was very interesting to look at your website. In the future, I would enjoy assisting in the development of your program."~~~~Anne

  • "I have a lot of interest in working or volunteering as an OT internationally. The idea of helping to develop OT in Egypt sounds AMAZING."~~~~Sandeep

Please do not hesitate from sending me personal emails, but also take a few moments to write brief comments on the "Comment & Question Section" entry of this blog so others can read and contribute to your positive comments.

Thanks a lot for everyone who has shown an interest in the future development of Occupational Therapy in Egypt!