Monday, February 22, 2010

Purchase Raffle Tickets to Raise Money for ADVANCE Society

Purchase Raffle/Tombola Tickets (20LE) at the Learning Resource Center
(effective March 1st)

Well, I have had a good response from various companies regarding donating products to be used in my OT workshops and also to be raffled at the ADVANCE Society's 10th Annual Educational Conference March 25-27th.

Almost 75% of the companies I contacted were willing to donate the items I requested and at least the others responded with an email saying "due to economic situations they were not participating in donations this year." Most responded, though, which was a pleasant surprise...

I only contacted companies that I am happy to promote as I have successfully used products from them in the past for OT sessions...

So far, I have received enough items to fill 5 baskets with a value ranging from $100-$175 (550LE-965LE) per basket. However, some companies are still sending me products, so the number of baskets and the items in each basket are not final!

Raffle/Tombola Tickets 20LE

Available March 1st at the Learning Resource Center

Building #9 Road 278,
New Maadi, Cairo
Tel: (+202) 2516 3965 or 67

***All proceeds raised from the raffle go to the Advance Society***

I have taken a few photos of some of the products....all the products are listed below and can be found on the company websites:

So far, the following companies have donated products:
1. : Donated several Grab a Pig card games. The card games will be used in my workshop, as well as, being available for the raffle.

2. Out of the Box Publishing: Donated several games, such as Super Circles, My Word, Rock, 7Ate9, Run Wild, Word on the Street, and Backseat Drawing Junior. The card games will be used in my workshop, as well as, being available for the raffle. I have used many of the games from this company and the children love them!

3. Super Duper Publications: Donated some great activity kits that use cards, such as the Fine Motor Fun Deck, Move Your Body Fun Deck and the Pre-Writing Fun Deck.

4. Callirobics donated a set of their handwriting to music programs; Learning Letters to Music, Basics Shapes to Music for Developing Pre-Writing Skills, and Pre-writing Skills to Music for 4-7 year olds. Each handwriting booklet comes with a CD of music. I have used these in therapy and children who enjoy music love the worksheets.

5. : Abilitations donated several writing products, such as the Pencil Fidgets, Squiggle Wiggle Writer, Space Paper and Writing Guides.

6. Sensory Tools donated several copy of these 4 CD's; Say G'Day, Jump Jelly Beans, Cool Bananas and It's Circle Time. A direct link to these CD's is: I have often used these music CD's and children love the music and songs!

7. : The Creative Therapy Store is a division of Western Psychological Services who donated Emotional Bingo for Children, Can Do Roo, To Be Me: Understanding What It Is Like to Have Asperger's Syndrome, and One of A Kind: A Self Esteem Card Game. A great company with a wide selection of resources.

8. : Fun and Function donated several fine motor products, such as Farm Sticks, Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards, Fine Motor Book and a Hand Card Holder. Children love using the Farm sticks to pick up small fun items!

9. Handwriting Without Tears donated the Pre-K and Kindergarten Handwriting Programs: Get Set for School Workbook and Pre-K Teacher's Guide, Get Set for School Sing Along CD, Rock, Rap, Tap and Learn CD, Letters and Numbers for Me Workbook and Kindergarten Teacher's Guide, Roll A Dough Letters, Stamp and See Screen, Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters, Mat for Wood Pieces, Slate Chalkboard, and Blackboard With Double Lines. Items can be found here:

10. S & S Worldwide donated several educational games; Phase 10 & UNO card games, Jumbo Cards, Low Vision Cards, Kids Cards Game Pack, Giant Spoons, and Fitness Dice.

11. They donated several copies of the Bright & Beyond: Activity Idea Cards. Easy to use activity cards with vivid pictures and simple instructions!

12. Future Horizons, Inc. is a leading publisher of books and DVD's on Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, as well as, offering conferences. They donated a great book about Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensitive Sam: written and illustrated by Marla Fisch as a read together book for parents and children with SPD. The book is written from a child's perspective! They also donated the book 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and The New Social Stories Book:Illustrated Version and some copies of the Autism Asperger's Digest Magazine.

13.  Think Fun donated several of Four Children's Card Games & our favorite, Rush Hour!

So, take a chance and perhaps for only 20LE you may win a fabulous basket of goodies & help support the ADVANCE Society!

Winners will be selected and announced March 27th at the conference.

THANKS to all companies that donated these products and thanks in advance to people who purchase the tickets!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

SPD Foundation:Parent Connections Group

For those looking to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorders, check out the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation:

"The mission of the SPD Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for children with SPD and their families by :
  • conducting rigorous RESEARCH into the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of SPD
  • providing EDUCATION for those with SPD and for families, health care providers, policy makers, and the public
  • conducting ADVOCACY for recognition of SPD"
For more information, go to:

If you are a parent of a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder and live in Egypt, then perhaps you would like to start a parent's support group in Egypt!

"A grassroots network with active groups in more than 70 U.S. communities and several foreign countries, SPD Parent Connections provides support and information to anyone dealing with sensory processing issues. Group discussions, education, resources, and guest speakers hosted by SPD Parent Connection groups give parents, grandparents, caregivers, and others living with sensational children a place to share stories and resources and to support one another."

Start a SPD Parent Connections Group in Egypt:

If you are interested in becoming a host, read the host agreement on the website and get started!

Everyone needs some type of support!