Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Excellent products by Think Fun

Hi there,

I have always used Think Fun products in my therapy sessions and children have always loved them! Two years ago, the company was good enough to donate one of their Game Club sets, which I used during that years educational conference.

All participants in my games workshop loved the games, as much and maybe more then the children!

I was recently shopping on Amazon and came across a HUGE BARGAIN on these Game Club sets!

ThinkFun Mind Challenging Junior Game Club
Check out the Junior Game Club for $56.24 on sale from $224.99:

This is a fabulous price, as the set includes 24 Think Fun games for children aged 5-7. Designed for kindergarten through second graders. Usually, each game is priced between $15-20!

ThinkFun Mind Challenging Game Club - Set 2
Check out the Game Club Set 2 for $109.62 on sale from $359.99:

ThinkFun Classroom Resource Kit 1
Check out the Classroom resource Kit for $131.99 on sale from $219.99:

These products are great for the classroom and individual and group therapy sessions.

I hope some people can benefit from this post!


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