Monday, December 21, 2009

New website for OT's to connect internationally: OT Forum

Hello all,

Here is a link to a new site I recently heard about:

The site aims to connect OT's across the globe. Whether you are an experienced OT or merely share an interest in OT, everyone is welcome to register.

You can post messages, as well as create new topics for discussion.

For detailed information on how to post go to the FAQ tab on the main page.

I already created a topic for OT in the Middle East! :-)

If anyone knows of more sites like this, please post a message reply to this posting with the links!

These sites are only good if people actively participate with appropriate discussions....Maybe you think you don't have any questions to post, but perhaps you are the one that has answers for someone else! So, post away...



simon said...

Congrats to you on launching a new forum website. It's nice and helps me to gain good information about OT. Thanks for that because I am student of a occupational therapy university and i am collecting such information which helps me in my studies and I got lots of information about different issues from here and learn a lot about OT.



Laura Efinger said...


Just to clarify...I did not launch this site. I was forwarded the information from a colleague.


Sally said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for sharing the forum with us!
I looked for your topic, "ot in middle east" but I can seem to find iton the forum. Would it be possible to put the link up for that topic.
Thanks so much!

Laura Efinger said...

Hi Sally,

The topic link is:

It is under the topic: "Occupational Therapy topics related to where you practice (Aus/NZ, Nth/Sth America, Europe, Asia, Africa)"

No one has yet to post any information under the M.E. topic, though!


Jack said...


Thanks for sharing this useful information with me.


I'm studying in a community college for my college degree