Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The First Regional OT Conference in the Middle East

The First Regional OT Conference in the Middle East was held 27th to 29th April 2007 under the auspices of HE Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak First Lady of Egypt.

(Picture: Jordanian, American, Canadian, Japanese and Lebanese trained Occupational Therapists working in the region).

The conference was organized by members of The Committee for Developing Occupational Therapy in Egypt. Sponsors of the conference were Ain Shams University, October 6th University and ADVANCE Society.

The purpose of the conference was to (a) raise awareness in regards to occupational therapy and it's role within programs for individuals with special needs, (b) educate people as to the independence of occupational therapy as a health profession, (c) promote the concept of rights of persons with special needs to access rehabilitative specialties that would help them upgrade their skills and reach their full potential, (d) support the government’s policy of supporting persons with special needs within the community, (e) provide a forum for regional OT's to meet and discuss needs of the region.

(Picture: Farah, Doha, Sawsan, & Fatima)

Lectures and workshops were conducted by WFOT Executive Committee members, as well as, several OT's working in Egypt and/or visiting Egypt.

Topics & Lecturers:

Occupational therapy a global perspective - Kit Sinclair
Occupational therapy around the world - Executive Management Team (EMT)
OT Education – overview of current trends - Alfred Ramukumba & Sharon Brintnell
OT: Aged Care & Geriatrics – introduction - Anne Carswell
Occupational Science – an introduction - Kit Sinclair
OT: Families and Children – introduction - Julie Piergrossi and Susan Hartshorne
OT: Mental health and Psychiatry – introduction - Alfred Ramukumba & Lena Haglun
OT: Adult Rehabilitation – introduction - Sharon Brintnell
OT: School aged children – introduction Laura Efinger

(Picture: OT's working in Africa)

OT: Mental Health and Psychiatry – panel discussion - Alfred Ramukumba, Samantha Shann , Julie Piergrossi, Lena Haglund
OT: Adult Rehabilitation – panel discussion - Sharon Brintnell , Marilyn Pattison , Susan Hartshorne and Dorothy Witt
OT: Work Rehabilitation and vocational training – introduction - Marilyn Pattison
OT: Feeding workshop - Kimberly Weigle
OT: Work Rehabilitation & vocational training – panel discussion - Marilyn, Sharon Brintnell, Lena Haglund, Samantha Shann
OT: Seating workshop - Dorothy Witt
OT: Children and mental health - Julie Piergrossi
Plenary session: Minimum Standards and the PEO model - Kit Sinclair
OT Education – panel discussion - Alfred Ramukumba, Sharon Brintnell , Samantha Shann

(Picture: Emma, Joanne, Laura & Gloria...OT's living in Egypt)

OT Assessment and treatment planning: – Anne Carswell, Lena Haglund
OT: Play workshop I - Julie Piergrossi and Susan Hartshorne
OT Education – challenges in the region - Alfred Ramukumba, Kit Sinclair
Healthy ageing and occupational therapy - Anne Carswell
OT: Play workshop II - Julie Piergrossi and Susan Hartshorne
Q & A and summary - Kit Sinclair

(Picture: WFOT Executive Committee Members & OT's attending the conference)

This conference was a great opportunity for OT's living and working in the region to network. Hopefully, we can build on these new connections and further promote the development of OT in the region.



PJ said...

Sounds like a great conference. I would have really learned alot--what an interesting array of topics.
Congratulations on being a presenter, starting this blog, doing so much to get OT established in Egypt, and for being an all around cool person.

Patricia-- OT in NY, USA

Laura Efinger said...

Thanks so much, Patricia. I will let you know when the next conference will be, so you can plan a holiday in Egypt!

Osama said...

Hi Laura... I am currently searching for a well established good aged care center in Egypt, I find it very difficult. if you can refer or help please e-mail at

Thanks a lot