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CDOT Newsletter #6 (May 2006)

Committee for the Development of Occupational Therapy in Egypt

May 20th, 2006

Dear Friends,

WFOT is getting ready for its next council meeting and congress in July in Australia. This gives us another chance to present the results of our project. Madeleine and I, in the name of all project members, will proudly do so. Let me take this as an opportunity to thank everybody who has committed time, energy and money to our cause of establishing OT education and practice in Egypt with the aim of supporting the people who are in need of our services. Greetings from Zurich Christiane Mentrup 2nd Vice President World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) CDOT Members

During the last months we received the following messages from a colleague in the US, another one in the UK and one living in Cairo: René Padilla writes: I have read with interest the newsletters posted on the WFOT web page regarding efforts in the development of occupational therapy in Egypt. I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Cairo, and wanted to put myself at the disposal of the CDOT in support of your efforts. I am an academician with over 20 years of practice and teaching experience. The development of occupational therapy in the Third World (especially Latin America) over the past years has become a particular interest, and have been consulting with rehabilitation programs in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The motive of my trip to Egypt is personal - I am interested in becoming acquainted with life perspectives of people in a Muslim country and, as able, with community development efforts under way in that part of the world. If during that process I can be of any service to the local efforts in developing occupational therapy, I would be delighted to make whatever humble contribution I can. A longer term desire would be to establish a cooperative partnership between Creighton University and/or other agencies with whom I have contact. I have not set dates for a trip in order to first explore any possibilities with you or with whom you might direct me to contact. Depending on the time of year, I could plan to remain in the region from two weeks to one month. If you or anyone would like more information on my background, I would be quite happy to provide you with my curriculum vitae. I will be very appreciative for any guidance you can provide. Best regards, René Padilla René Padilla, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Creighton University 2500 California Plaza Omaha, NE 68178 Criss III Building, Room G74C Voice-Mail: (402) 280-5957 Fax: (402) 280-1148 E-mail:

We heard from Karen Evans: “I will moving to Cairo in August and will be looking for some work (paid - where at all possible).I work fulltime in the UK - I have just finished working as a clinical specialist OT in a hospital (with Head OT and clinical work - adult neurology/lymphoedema) and I have a private practice with another OT for paediatrics. I enjoy lecturing and am always marketing the role of OT. I have set up many OT services in Australia and the UK.I have worked in India and Malaysia also when my husband has been working in these countries. I have a master degree in community health (from Australia) and a diploma in OT (1986) from London, UK. I recently completed a post grad certificate in special educational needs (dyspraxia) through University of Wales. Best Wishes Karen Email:

In Newsletter 3 we introduced Gillian who had moved to Cairo in summer 2005 with the intention to live there for 4 years. She is interested to get involved, contacted some of our members but so far wasn’t able to actively contribute to the project. Please, write to Gillian if you need an OT to further your work. She could see herself doing some volunteer OT work app. 3 mornings a week. Gillian Barrett Email:

Rehab Dubai Congress Christiane Mentrup, WFOT 2nd Vice President, got the opportunity to present the Egypt Project at the Dubai Rehab Congress in February 2006 and did some local networking with colleagues and other professionals in the region. We hope that the occupational therapists in Dubai will reactivate their political involvement to support the establishment of OT in the Middle East. We are planning to set up a Dubai newsletter following the successful CDOT example.

Abbassiya Hospital Cindy Hahn reports that had planned to come to Cairo in August 2007 with two clinical experts and nine students to set up an exchange with Egyptian medical students for fieldwork experience at the Abbassiya Hospital. Due to a medical crisis they had to postphone to trip and will probably come to Egypt in March 2007. The frequent email exchange between both student groups has already been very fruitful.

Ain Shams University Ain Shams University continues to work with Susan Hartshorne from Australia on a curriculum and will report more in our next newsletter about Sue’s plans to return to Egypt in July 2006. 6. October University Professor Ahmed Hassan, President of The General Physical Therapy Syndicate of Egypt, reports that “A group of people which was formed in December 2005 is still working very hard creating a curriculum for the 6 of October University. Professor Naiema Hassan from the PT department of Cairo University and Professor of Ahmed Hassan are cooperating with Sue Hartshorne. The university is now in the process of advertising OT positions for Arabic speaking staff to continue the implementation of the course.” Alexandria University Dr Tarek Shafshak and Maha Helali participated at conference in Alexandia presenting papers on occupational therapy.

WFOT The World Federation of Occupational Therapists will have their next council meeting and congress in July 2006 in Australia. Members of the project group are thinking about inviting the WFOT Executive to hold its next meeting in Cairo in order to further support the project work.

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