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CDOT Newsletter # 11 (July 2007)

Committee for the Development of Occupational Therapy in Egypt
July 07

July 20th, 2007

Dear Friends,

The first half of this year went very promising for our project. Our project is moving and is creating international attention. Your will find information about the WFOT Executive Meeting and the first Regional OT Conference in the Middle East which took place in Cairo. Please refer to Attached you find more detailed information on the Regional conference.

Greetings from sunny Zurich

Christiane Mentrup

2007 WFOT Interim Executive Meeting
The WFOT Executive Team met in April 2007 in Cairo for the annual meeting. The nine WFOT Executive members enjoyed the famous Egyptian hospitality.

First Regional Occupational Therapy Conference

The First Regional Occupational Therapy conference held in Cairo at the end of April was a good time for occupational therapists working in the region and in Egypt to meet each other and to form communication networks that we hope will lead to positive communications for the future.

Mustafa Ahmad, the President of the Jordanian Occupational Therapy Association, collected names of interested qualified occupational therapists living and working in the region following a regional meeting hosted by WFOT. Hopefully this network will be a way of staying in touch, promoting professional development events, linking in with employment prospects and assisting newly arrived/graduated occupational therapists.

There were 11 OT's (American, Canadian, British, Australian, French, South African and Japanese) residing in Cairo and now there are 12 as one just moved here from New Zealand. We hope to have regular gatherings to discuss OT related issues. If you are an occupational therapist living in Egypt and would like to meet others, please contact Laura Efinger at for details.

Laura Efinger and Susan Hartshorne

Abbassiya Hospital
Ward 18
Cindy Hahn, Professor of Occupational Therapy at A. T. Still University, Mesa, Arizona, USA will be bringing a small group of students to Cairo in August. They will be visiting from August 16th to 23rd. The group will be bringing along many supplies gathered and donated by the students for patients at Abbassiya Hospital, Ward 18; the Learning Resource Centre; and the Advance School. While visiting Cairo the group expects to spend some time working at the hospital with staff and patients. They also hope to have time to interact with medical students from Ain-Shams University, under the direction of Dr. Abdelmoneim Ashour, to learn more about healthcare in Egypt and to offer information about their occupational therapy practice. They would also welcome any other interaction opportunities during their stay. You can contact Cindy Hahn at or

Ain Shams University and 6th of October UniversityBoth universities are planning to start an OT bachelor degree programme in September 2007, once they have final approval from the Ministry of Higher Education.

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