Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Events in Egypt


As many people have so nicely emailed me asking how I am and how my colleagues in Egypt are, I thought I would just write a brief update. All the OT's who have been working in Egypt are all as well as can be expected. I have spoken to most through email. Some of them, like myself, were traveling abroad when the revolution started 2 weeks ago and some left during the chaotic days, while others continued to stay in Egypt. Everyone has a different situation...

My thoughts and prayers are with the Egyptian people.



Dr. Zachry said...

I'm so glad to hear that. I'm really enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

HI Laura,

My name is Sara Brown and I stumbled upon your blog last week as I was interested in seeing how the egypt conflict was affecting the locals. I am as student at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania and I am currently working with a research team on a study exploring the decision making of Western educated OTs who are working in international settings. We are doing interviews via Skype or phone until the end of Febuary/beginning of March. The work you are doing in Egypt sounds fascinating and cultural awareness is becoming increasingly important in the OT world! Please email me at if you are interested in participating. I know that life must be turned upside down right now for you, but I figured I'd reach out and extend a friendly invitation!
Be safe and keep up the great work.

Sara Brown

Laura Efinger said...

Dr. Zachary, looking forward to reading your blog!

Sara, looking forward to participating in your study!