Saturday, February 19, 2011

Child Development Club website


In October 2010, I started a Facebook page called Child Development Club: Egypt. The idea was to share links, articles, events etc. with parents, caregivers, therapists, educators and other professionals working with children in Egypt. It has now grown to almost 650 members. I have been able to share my resources, as well as, learn about new topics from member's posting on the page, as well as, contacting me personally.

On January 25th, I launched a new website to share all these resources and also to expand on this idea of exchanging child development resources with people worldwide. The Child Development Club website now has 150 members from various countries, including Japan, Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Kuwait, Lebanon, Ireland, Portugal, Ghana, Israel, Uganda, US, New Zealand, Jordan, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Palestine, Egypt, Seychelles, and Oman!

We have an excellent variety of members, including parents, parents of children with special needs, teachers, doctors, psychologists, students, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, art therapists and music therapists.

I have started a blog on the website. Starting next month, I will have guest bloggers talking about topics related to parenting, education and medical issues. I am always looking for guest bloggers to talk about a variety of topics, so if you have a specialty related to child development and enjoy writing please email me!

I hope to keep expanding on the website and hope the people interested in the OT in Egypt blog will share this information with friends and colleagues.

I have to say, I always get supportive emails from OT's worldwide and OT's are genuinely a great support network! 

Thanks in advance to all the OT in Egypt supporters...


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Tonya said...

I just found your blog and your website. Looks great. I am at Therapy Fun