Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OT program to begin November 2010


I am happy to say a PG Diploma in Occupational Therapy program will begin in November at Ain Sham's University. Visiting lecturers will be provided from McGill University in Canada. The program is enrolling up to 25 participants with either a PT or Medical BSc background.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Ahmed El Kahky: aelkahky@gmail.com 



Anonymous said...

Dear Laura, I am Orchida, Yasser's mum... do you remember me?! You have worked with Yasser four years ago. He had serious gross and fine motor skills problems that affected his whole academic and behavioral perforance. Now Yasser is at year 7 and doing brilliangtly. We still have our ups and downs (alot of downs) but all in all we still do our exercises whenever we can. Anyway, have you heard about brain gym! It seems very similar to your work relating movements to brain development. Please if you have the time tell me what you think about it.

Salma said...

Hi Laura i need your assistance how can i reach you. Please reply on salmasidky@gmail.com

Laura Efinger said...

Of course I remember you Orchida...email me at LME1169@gmail.com and we can chat about the Brain Gym, as yes, it is a good program.