Monday, January 7, 2008

Patient in need of OT....

I have re-posted below a recent posting from the comment section of the OT blog. I wish it would have been easy for me to give her a name and address of a great inpatient rehabilitation unit with a good OT/PT clinic, but it wasn't.

This should not happen...

"Hi Laura, I came across your blog and I am in desperate need of help. I am an American-Egyptian physician. I arrived 2 weeks ago after hearing of my mother being involved in a traumatic accident and sustaing a severe fracture of her tibia, in the setting of an already deconditioned weak rheumatoid arthritis patient. I am shocked and disappointed at the information I have received regarding OT/PT...this is of utmost importance for my mother as she has already starting developing decubitus ulcers. The nursing care has been abhorrent, in private hospitals. I am looking for an inpatient rehab facility/qualified nursing staff/all the OT services I can get. Any information you can provide would help me tremendously and I am sincerely grateful. The best way to reach me would be mobile 012-277-4008 or 012-394-0130, as internet access is not daily. Thanks and look forward to speaking with you. Summer Abdel-Megeed, M.D."

She lives in Heliopolis. If anyone can further assist her, please contact Summer at


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