Friday, January 18, 2008

Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Links

The following is a list of OT continuing education resources that I have compiled. Quite a few of these resources are starting to provide online courses, which is a good opportunity for therapists in the region to take some continuing education courses otherwise not offered in the Middle East.

Many links also provide speech and physical therapy courses, too. All the links are US based, so if anyone has any more international links, please share them in the comment section or email me and I will post them.

  • Education Resources

  • TheraPeeds, Inc


(Offers OT Online Courses, such as Autism, Sensory Dysfunction, Kinesio-Taping and Torticollis: Eval/Treat)


(Offers numerous Online courses for all rehabilitation specialist)

  • Myofascial Release

  • Hand Therapy

(Online courses, DVD's, Patient Information)

  • Live Conferences

(Offers conferences online)

  • Stroke Help: Improving Life for Stroke Survivors

(workshops, products, patient education)

  • Cross Country Education

(Online, audio cassettes, self study)

  • National Therapy Seminars

  • Emerald Events

(Online training and conferencing)

  • Vision Education Seminars

  • Academy of Lymphatic Studies

  • Therapeutic Resources

  • Rehab Education


chany said...

Hi Laura,
My name is chany and i'm a student for occupational therapy. I was hoping i could find out more about what you do in Egypt and ask you some questions, for a class assignment. My email address is
Thank you,

Laura Efinger said...

Hello Chany,
I would be happy to answer any specific questions. Please look at the past blog entries, as another student was also doing a project and I posted the answeres to his questions.