Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello & Goodbye

Thank you & good luck:

Well, this year we will unfortunately be saying goodbye to Sena, as she will be moving back to the US next month. We have been fortunate enough to have her working with us at the LRC for the past 2 1/2 years. She has been a wonderful colleague. Our OT team, our EIP team and all staff at the LRC will miss her!

( THE EIP, SLT & OT TEAM back row: Khadiga, Hoda, Penny, Dalia, Sena, Dalia, middle row: Neveen, Farah, Dalia, Monica, Laura, front row: Donia, Engy, & Karen)

So, THANK YOU for all that you have contributed to the lives of the children, parents, teachers and staff at LRC.

Wednesday was Sena, Karen & Farah's last OT Sensory Motor Group together, so here are some photo's of them hard at work in preparation:

(Sena, Karen, & Farah)

(Sena & Karen)

Miho and Shu, two Japenese OT's who are presently working in Egypt, visited our center on the same day.

(Shu, Sena, Karen, Miho, Farah & Laura)

We have two new colleagues working in the LRC OT department. Farah, who is a Lebanese OT, working with us full time for the next two years and Annelene, who is a South African OT working with us part time to assist in assessing children.

(Laura, Sena & Annelene)

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