Tuesday, November 6, 2007

American OT students ask questions about Egypt:

I have been emailed by two OT students from the US who are participating in multi-cultural assignments for their OT program.

These are some questions they had, which I also combined with questions asked by students inquiring about fieldwork placements in Egypt, so if you are an OT who has worked in Egypt and/or presently work in Egypt please take the time and comment on their questions.

If you are a professional who has also worked with OT's in Egypt and are interested in OT development in Egypt, then please also take the time and give your opinion on some of these questions.

I have listed a brief reply in parenthesis from my experience working in Egypt the past 4 1/2 years.

American OT Student's FAQ:

1. Can you tell me about the types of settings in which OTs in Egypt generally practice in?

(Pediatric, adult rehabilitation and community based programs)

2. What types of clients do OTs work with in Egypt? Is there a specific population that OTs tend to work with more than others?

(Various economic classes and various ages. Pediatric has always been a stronger area serviced.)

3. With whom do OTs typically work with in terms of the interdisciplinary team?

(Speech and language therapists, physical therapists, doctors, psychologists, and teachers)

4. How does an OT get a license to practice in Egypt?

(We abide by the practice guidelines from our own countries and maintain our licenses from our own countries, as there is not an OT association in Egypt)

5. How does an OT find work in Egypt?

(The best way is word of mouth, but in the future I hope to have job postings on the blog. Although Egypt is highly populated, everyone knows everyone in certain circles)

6. What is your opinion about why Egypt is under served with OT at this time?

(There are many factors, some of which are economics, politics, and cultural views on health care)

7. Can you talk about the sociocultural and institutional factors that affect your practice and OT in Egypt?

(See question #8)

8. What are some of the challenges that you have been faced with while practicing in Egypt? What challenges might any OT practicing in this country be faced with?

(There are always many challenges when you are from another culture and working abroad. A few examples I have experienced are language barriers (Arabic/English), different expectations of family roles and difficulty in purchasing OT supplies)

9. Is it safe for a foreign woman to live in Cairo? How are foreigners treated in Egypt?

(In all the years I have lived in Cairo, I have never particularly felt "unsafe." No more unsafe then I would feel walking in the "wrong neighborhood" in NY city. I have had the usual young boys make comments in Arabic to me on the street, but to be honest I don't know what they have said! Perhaps, that is best! As an American, I have never been poorly treated. Over charged, but not poorly treated! There is a large misconception in western media about how foreigners are treated in the middle east)

10. What possibilities and opportunities await OT in Egypt?

(The possibilities and opportunities are endless as we are starting fresh!)

I hope others take the time to also give their opinions on these questions.


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