Friday, October 30, 2015

First American Curriculum Preschool Opens in Tanta, Egypt

I was recently invited to speak about occupational therapy and child development at the opening of Capital Schools in Tanta, Egypt. I spoke about pediatric OT in regards to our educational background, evaluation and treatment services and how we can support a child's sensory motor skill development within the school system. I also spoke about the importance of the preschool years being the foundation to build a child's language skills, pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, social skills, sensory and motor skill development etc. Parenting tips were provided on how to support their children through the educational years.

Although the area has "nurseries", Capital Schools will be the first in the Delta region to have a preschool following an American curriculum. The preschool is opening this academic year and then the elementary and high school will follow in the next stage of development.

I was actually very surprised that Tanta did not have preschools. So, this was a very nice opportunity for me to visit and learn more about a city outside of Cairo!

I am wishing the children, parents and school staff much success this new year!

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