Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OT's interested in working in Egypt


I have received several CV's from OT's interested in working in Egypt. I have in the past and will continue to be happy to post a brief summary of work experience from international OT's interested in working in Egypt. It is up to the organization within Egypt to contact and correspond with these OT's, as I am just providing the forum to connect people.

This is a brief summary from Niham, an OT from India:

"I am Nilam from India. I am looking for an opportunity to work overseas in management of disability services. I am trained and certified in Occupational Therapy from Mumbai University. 14 years of working experience has included skills in management of services and clinical practice. Currently I am volunteering in Papua New Guinea for National Wheelchair Service Network Project. During my service in PNG, I have been responsible to increase access of wheelchairs to the users through appropriate wheelchair service, and building the capacity of partner organizations and personnel’s. I also have experience in working in Community Based Rehabilitation Project in India using BOT (Built, Operate and Transfer) approach wherein I trained the family members of the disabled child as primary teacher in early detection and intervention and empowered grass root community workers. Previous experience included clinical skills in Occupational Therapy specialized in children with special needs.

Ability to set plans, mentor, implement, and manage the services. I have strong leadership skills and a proven ability to manage and motivate a team. I am sensitive to cross cultural skill and flexible to work with multidisciplinary group.

If there is any opportunity to suit my skills, please feel free to contact me through email: nd6_shinde@hotmail.com"

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