Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ain Sham's University OT Program

Ain Sham's University in Cairo received the presidential signature for their OT curriculum and will hopefully start the program in October 2009. However, the university is still looking to hire an OT program director and further OT teaching staff.

For further details about the positions available and the program curriculum, please contact:
Ahmed El Khaky:


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Khalid said...

I could not wait to hear the good news on the acceptance of the OT progam in Ain shams UNiversity. This is very exciting. Congrads on this milestone in the development process of OT in Egypt. Kudos to all that contributed to the process. This will contribute to the awareness and importance of Occupational Therapy in Egypt as well the region. Congrads!!!!

Khalid Mohamed
1yr OT student, SUNY DOwnstate Medical center