Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sue Hartshorne has resigned her role as the WFOT Ambassador to the Egypt Project. However, Sue continues to work in Egypt and supports the development of OT in the country. Members of the CDOTE and the WFOT thank her for her contributions. The WFOT Executive Management Team have agreed that the ambassador position is now no longer required. We all look forward to progress continuing through the Committee to Develop OT in Egypt (CDOTE). The WFOT have reported that they will continue to monitor the situation via the Egypt Project led by Christiane Mentrup and look forward to being approached in the future with an application for an educational programme approval and hopefully ultimately membership of WFOT.


The next CDOTE Meeting:

Wednesday, February 25th at 4:30pm 

at the

 Learning Resource Center. 

New members: please contact myself or any of the CDOTE members if you would like to attend. 


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