Thursday, November 20, 2008

CDOTE Meeting
POSTPONED from the 22nd November till the 29th November

Time: 2pm
Date: Saturday, November 29th
Place: Learning Resource Center, Maadi

Anyone interested in OT development is welcome to attend these monthly meetings.


Khalid said...

hi laura
I wanted to share this video, I hope its not old news to you. Just a another reason why I Love OT good luck.
if the link doesnt work you can go to the abc news website search for wii helps burn victms really cool.

Sally said...

Hi Laura,

I am an egyptian OT student at one of the canadian universities. I am currently in my 1st year of the course based master's program. The university offers us international placements, and I was really hoping that I could have one placement in egypt. Yet, I don't know who to contact or who might be intrested in being a student supervisor. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my search. Thanks

Laura Efinger said...

Hi Sally,

There have not been enough foreign OT's working in Cairo to support a student level II fieldwork experience, however you never know about the future. When is your placement?

You can email me at