Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Egyptian Physical Therapists


Recently, I have receieved emails from Egyptian Physical Therapists interested in learning more about Occupational Therapy. Many of them report that they heard about OT from the OT in Egypt Blog link posted on the home page of the The Egyptian General Physical Therapy Syndicate: (http://www.gpts-egypt.org/).

As OT's are part of the whole rehabilitation team, I think it is very important that all members (doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc.) have an understanding of each other's role in a patients' wholistic treatment plan.

So, thanks to The Egyptian General Physical Therapy Syndicate for linking their PT's to our OT in Egypt Blog!

I think future Egyptian OT's can learn a lot from the history of Physical Therapy development in Egypt.

If any Egyptian physical therapists have specific questions about OT and their role in patient care, please post a comment here.




Angela said...

Hi Laura
Just a quick note to say that I am enjoying your blog site. I am very interested in how web 2.0 is bringing OTs from around the world together and I find it interesting to see how things are working in Egypt. I would like to add your blog to our blogroll. Our blog is a team blog of OT educators at University Of Salford in the UK. Check us out and say hello if you get chance

Laura Efinger said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for the nice words! I have been to your blog, also, and enjoy the posts on there, too.

Aya said...

Hi Laura,
i was wondering if you can help me, I'm a product design student doing my bachelor this semester and it's about adaptive hand equipments for cerebral palsy. i know you specialize in occupational therapy, which is why i wanted to ask you questions that might help me understand more about the treatments existing for CP patients. i would really appreciate any kind of help.

Best regards,

Laura Efinger said...

Hi Aya,

you can email me any questions here: lme1169@gmail.com