Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thank you to all who participated in my blog survey "What is your profession?," which I had posted for 8 weeks.

The results from people who completed the survey were 68% OTs, 22% PTs and the remaining 10% were educators, health professionals and "others."

I will be doing future surveys, so if anyone has any suggestions on topics of interest, please let me know.

Since starting the blog in June 2007, I have had an increasing number of subscribers and visitors to the blog. Each month there is a growing number of visits to the blog and last month alone there were almost 700 visits!

I will be updating the blog shortly on the results of our last Committee to Develop OT meeting, which took place last week. We are in the process of developing membership applications for persons interested in supporting OT development in Egypt.



ummAbdellah said...

Hi Laura.

I am an american Muslim girl who has a brother with Downs Syndrome. I currently live in Bahamas, but there is little to any help here, most therapist go to america or elsewhere for work , as it pays more money.

My family and I are interested in moving to Egypt, but we want to make sure that there is asistance for my brother there (ie. ST,OT, PT, etc).

I would like to know if you are able to asist us with any schools for childern with downs, or any private or public services that would be useful for him InshaaAllah.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

You can contact me at or or you can even comment me back on my blog.

Thank you very much.

ummAbdellah said...**

Laura Efinger said...


I sent you an email, but didn't receive a response...did you receive anything?