Friday, February 22, 2008

ADVANCE & LRC's 8th Educational Conference: "Building Bridges"

ADVANCE & LRC's 8th Educational Conference entitled: "Building Bridges."

Opening ceremony March 13th and Conference Seminars March 14th-15th at the British International School Cairo.
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the ADVANCE Society would like to announce the Eighth Annual Educational Conference under the theme of: "Building Bridges", held 13th to 15h March, 2008 at the British International School (BISC) in Zamalek, Cairo .
The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to be held on the 13th of March at 7:00 p.m. at the Casbon Hall of the British International School, 5 Al-Yamani St. , Zamalek, Cairo .

Our conference this year, "Building Bridges … Bridging Learning Styles & Strategies," will cover the following seven streams:

1. Social Emotional Skills (SMS);
2. Communication and Language Skills (CLS);
3. Neuro-Motor Developmental (NMD);
4. Classrooms’ Management & Settings (MB);
5. Academic Skills (ACS);
6. ICT in Education (ICT);
7. Learning for Life (LL).
Occupational Therapy Related Topics

"What is Occupational Therapy?" poster will be presented in English in the BISC lobby.

A workshop, "What is Occupational Therapy?" will be presented in Arabic by Majdi Bzoor.

Occupational Therapy based workshop presented by Laura Efinger: "Recipes for Fun": choosing activities for school aged children that are fun and also develop underlying skills.

If you wish to receive an emailed registration form, please contact Mr. Yasser Salah, Conference Coordinator, at 25163965 or 67, Mobile : 012-1400811 or send a message to
We look forward to your participation in the conference.


Anonymous said...

Hello Laura,
I am an American Egyptian OT currently living in Saudi. I was pleasantly surprised to find your blog during a random search. Although I have never lived in Egypt I am aware of the need for OT services there. I am looking forward to reading more here about the community there in Egypt.

On a slightly, I am curious if Egypt offers an Oral-Deaf approach to children who are deaf/ hearing impaired? Are there cochlear implant services, and what about newborn hearing screens?

My daughter has a CI, and I aspire to do something for children in Egypt one day for kids using my skills as an OT, but I am biased and hope I can assist children and their families who live with hearing loss. Any suggestions to think about?
May God reward you

Laura Efinger said...


Glad that you found the blog! I spoke with my co-workers, speech and language therapists, and they said that cochlear implant surgeries are not done in Egypt. There are several children that our speech and language therapists work with that have implants, but they received them from abroad.

We are always looking for OT's to join our team here in Cairo, so if you are ever interested in working here please contact me at