Saturday, October 20, 2007

Consumer Handouts from AOTA

October is Occupational Therapy Awareness Month
As part of this month of OT awareness, I would like to share some links to educational handouts provided by the AOTA. The American Occupational Therapy Association has an excellent section on their website for free consumer handouts. These handouts are an excellent resource for people who need further understanding of the role OT plays in various settings and with various populations (note: please keep in mind that some recommendations are based on US disability laws & regulations).

AOTA's "Tips For Living" handouts offer information to help people cope with a variety of health conditions in children and adults and explain how occupational therapy can help. The tip sheets can be downloaded and printed free of charge at

Here are direct links to a few handouts:


OT and children with developmental problems:

OT and learning through play

OT and handwriting issues

OT and community mental health

OT and people with mood disorders

OT and people with drug and alcohol disease

OT and ergonomics

OT and low back pain

OT and carpal tunnel syndrome

OT and returning to work issues

OT and fall prevention

OT and patients with hip replacements

OT and home modifications after injury and/or to prevent injury

OT and patients recovering from a stroke

This is just a sample of the many educational handouts provided by the American Occupational Therapy Association at

Take a look at these handouts as they are an excellent source of imformation in regards to the benefit of Occupational Therapy services for these populations.


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